Performance, 18:00             

Switzerland, was devised in response to the revelations brought forward by the #metoo movement, specifically the case of actor Kevin Spacey. Switzerland imbues a growing awareness of the ominous failure of contemporary male role-models, using the inanimate format of a terracotta garden gnome found whilst researching my late father's heritage. Drawing upon the walking in the footsteps of my father cannon, Switzerland  re-appropriates this prolific genre and gears it towards a performance of vulnerability.


‘Even though there were only four of us in this small hot room, he gave so much in the performance. At one point he was rollerblading around the tiny room with the speed and conviction of Tanya Harding about to do a triple axel. He awkwardly jumped up and the skates clacked against the floor when he landed, his ankles wobbled, he almost fell, it was so vulnerable and yet heroic. Will never forget that moment.' Hikari Yokoyama.


June 6 - 16, 2018  

Slade Graduate Degree Show, London UK


Full video documentation available upon request.

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