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I am proposing to attempt to create a field recording of overheard conversations regarding the country of Mongolia. Beyond Mongolia itself, I believe the only certain place to find people discussing the details of Mongolia would be at an airport check in or baggage terminal for a flight leaving for, or returning from the Mongolian capitol of Ulaanbaatar. On the 20th of March a flight will arrive from Ulaanbatar to Bishkek, the capitol city of Kyrgyzstan. It would be possible to take a return flight from Stansted airport on the 19th of March to the 21’st of March staying a total of 25 hours and 40 minutes in Bishkek covering the time of the arrival of passengers from Ulaanbaatar. It would be at their arrival that I would create these field recordings. I intend to spend no money whilst there, consuming only rations that I will take with me. The journey from London to Stansted will be carried out by bike so as to reduce any additional costs. 

Chinghiz Aitmatov, the celebrated Kyrghiz writer created the book Farewell, Gulsary! in celebration of the importance of a humanities relation to animals. In reference to this work, after collecting the field recordings regarding Mongolia, I shall sit at a crossroads of 10 roads in the central Bishkek and carve a small wooden horse, roughly 5 cm in height by 2 cm in length by 1cm in depth. From the sound of this activity I shall create an additional sound recording to sit alongside the previously completed recordings.


May 10 - 24, 2017  


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