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PLUG FAIR / Through a glass, darkly,  2017 - 2022

performance, collaboration w / A. Berger, site specific

An extended reality promenade. The audience are immersed in an internet-age tale of corrupted site-specific information. Wearing wireless headphones they follow a deadpan guide with a laptop gaffa taped to his head through car parks, housing estates and underground train stations. They are at all times directed by the absent presence of a second performer streamed into view in real-time. 

'an intense, slightly worrying and very beautiful experience' - Margot Edström, IAC

Medusa, 2023

video, UHD, looping, ed. 3+2AP

'Medusa is about looking and being turned into stone. Painful reflections, doom scrolling and stuffy rooms. A binge of algorithmic content presented to us in a language designed to absorb us. No solutions are presented, just more content to watch' - JD Howse, Permeable Barrier

Two people frowning at a sausage, 2018

performance, collaboration w / A. Berger, durational

Sirens; back end, 2022 - present 

10 x UHD + HD videos looping, 10 salvaged smartphones, 10 salvaged PVC pipes, 10 Poundland selfie sticks

Sirens; back end is a visual representation of my online ethnographic research into the creation of hyper-algorithmic video content. Within the confines of this work audiovisual cries for attention are cradled by the stylised tentacles of an unsustainable data infrastructure.

Individual videos are best viewed:

My review of the Lumix S5, 2023

video, UHD, looping, ed. 3+2AP

My Review of the Lumix S5 is part of an ongoing series of unboxing videos. It functions as a practical examination of the hypothesis that the product review genre inadvertently operates as a site of autobiographical vulnerability. Furthermore, personal recording equipment is presented as an object of fixation and functions as an allegory for the gendered assumptions surrounding the accumilitaition of technical expertise. 

If civilisation, 2018

performance, collaboration w / A. Berger, multi-media, 00:49:00

'There were twists around every corner as two men acted out a hellish nightmare sequence of environmentalism and the downfall of civilisation... what I experienced was the opposite of being bored. It was a much-deserved morbid curiosity that I am glad to have witnessed.' - Ed Fringe Review 

GROW TWO POINT OW, 2019 - 22

video, UHD + HD, looping, ed. 3+2AP

'GROW TWO POINT OW' is a digital research project. By creating sight-specific interventions I examine the development of online trends and the nature of interlaced virtual communities.

Best viewed in their native habbitat :

Switzerland, 2018

performance, multi-media, 00:16:00

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